Pricing: (all prices $Can.)
  • Full Scale Web-site Design
  • Business Card Web-site
    (2-3 pages depending on content)
  • Domain Name Registration
       $40 (Can. Per Year)
  • Web-hosting. (incl. updates)
       $25 (Per Month)
  • Web-Site re-design / consultation
    (depends on complexity)

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How much does it cost?

Whether you need a brand new web-site, or updating of a current web-site, WebCrosser Designs can accommodate you with the services you need for a professional site at an affordable price. As each web-site will be unique to each client, the services provided will vary accordingly. When we develop your web-site, we include all the services that are required to suit your particular needs.

For consulting services, graphical work, or maintenance that is needed to update a current web-site, our fees are quite reasonable. An estimate will be provided if you are looking for those types of services to update or overhaul your current web-site.

Unfortunately WebCrosser Designs does not develop proprietary e-commerce web-sites due to the high costs involved. We have in the past in certain circumstances assisted clients who wanted to use the services of Paypal to set up shopping carts on clients web-sites, using there own accounts so they can manage them at their discretion.

We will host your web-site while it is under construction, giving you access to see how it is progressing. While we are building the web-site we will be in contact with you for any approval or disapproval of layout and content.


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